Incorporation Of Companies

Unifin incorporates companies in Malta and assists clients in the initial phase of the company’s existence.  We attend to all the formalities necessary to register a company.  We also advise clients on the tax and accounting formalities that need to be followed after incorporation. 


We advise clients on the use and setting-up of Trusts, their advantages and pitfalls.  We also act as Trustees in accordance with our licence issued to us by the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA).


After a company has been registered we provide the necessary services to keep it in good standing.  We provide support on company secretarial matters.  This covers:

  • Preparation and filing of annual returns
  • Maintenance of statutory registers
  • Preparation and filing of resolutions
  • Filing statutory accounts

We also offer assistance with the opening and operation of bank accounts, mail handling and forwarding and making payments.
We focus on delivering a professional and cost-effective service.

Accounting & Tax

Unifin provides accounting services to ensure compliance with statutory, Income Tax and Value Added Tax requirements.  These services include the preparation and filing of the necessary tax reporting in accordance with tax legislation.
All Maltese companies must be audited by independent auditors.  When providing accounting services we also assist clients with the company’s annual audit.  Unifin works closely with several external auditors and together we can work to ensure a smooth audit process.